David Band's Ependymoma



Circulars to Friends and Family

The e-mails I send to family and friends as my medical condition progresses has developed into a series of circulars reporting major medical events. At times I feel uncomfortable burdening our family and friends with these details. While these events are momentous to me, unfortunately most of us eventually suffer the indignities of illness and the associated medical interventions. My family and I have been very grateful for the expressions of concern and support during this odyssey, and the interest in following its development. Many have told me that they appreciate my circulars, and that I should make them available.

Below I provide links to the circulars. I have removed the more ephemeral personal news that I often included at the end of the circulars.

Starting in 2007 I am posting my circulars here without circulating them by e-mail.

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