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I'm heartbroken to have to convey that David's brave battle with multi-focal ependymoma ended Monday night, March 16th, with his passing.

The funeral was held Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at Beth Sholom of Potomac, Maryland, and he was buried at Garden of Remembrance cemetery in Clarksburg, Maryland.

Eulogies For further information or questions, contact Debra or Zvi

This is the personal website of David Band of Potomac, MD. Here I can present different aspects of who I am and the issues in which I am interested. My professional website is governed by the dictates of government bureaucrats who prohibit any expression of humanity and individuality (not to mention humor). Therefore, a personal website.

I am an astrophysicist at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), specializing in the study of gamma-ray bursts. I am responsible for User Support at the GLAST Science Support Center (GSSC). GLAST is a gamma-ray telescope that was recently launched into low-earth orbit. You can learn more about my professional life at my GSFC website.

I am married to Debra Band, an artist whose medium is illuminated manuscripts. Debbie has enriched the marriages of many couples by creating beautiful ketubot (Jewish wedding contracts) tailored to the couples' interests. Her manuscripts of Song of Songs and Psalms have been published by JPS. We have two sons, Zvi and Gabriel. Zvi was graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with degrees in both computer science and economics; he is a freelance web developer as well as a startup CTO. Gabriel is graduating from UMD in 2009, and is interested in a career in counter-terrorism.

If you should wander by this website from the Jewish academic world, the answer is 'yes.' My father is Arnold Band, professor of Jewish and Hebrew literature at UCLA, and my mother is Ora Band, Hebrew teacher. And if you should wander this way from the world of intellectual property, the answer is again 'yes.' My brother is Jonathan Band, a lawyer specializing in software copyright.

You can find my genealogy here.

Over the years I have given talks and presentations of which I am proud. These are mostly related to family.

While I do not want to be identified by an illness ('the ependymoma in waiting room 3'), I do have a chronic medical condition.

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