ROSH HASHANAH, the Birthday of the World. Help your students imagine God in nature and find their personal voices in praising God!  Energetic slide-discussion about how all of nature praises the Creator, from stars to beetles to coral reefs, based on All the World Praises You! an illuminated Aleph-Bet book, available for all age groups, kindergarten up. Discussion about other ways of perceiving and expressing gratitude to God in the natural world is folded into the presentation. In person or via video-conference.  Recommended accompaniment, hands-on art workshop,  Your Spirit in Lights Workshop (adult or junior), focusing on the students’ own vision of God in nature.

HANNAH’S SPIRIT, HANNAH’S STRUGGLE. In this moving slide-discussion Debra Band leads participants in exploring their personal relationship with God through the story of Hannah, through the  illuminated paintings  and underlying scholarship in Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah.  Discussion encourages participants to develop their own personal relationship and conversation with God, stressing Hannah’s invention of Jewish silent prayer, family community leadership, and infertility issues (as appropriate).   Especially appropriate for Bat Mitzvah groups, family education, and Jewish infertility support groups. In person or via video-conference, also available any time of year. Suitable for adults and children ages 11+. 20% discount on orders of 20+ copies of Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah, available upon scheduling class.

FINDING THE WAY: EXPLORING QOHELET’S SEARCH FOR WISDOM. In a world where clouds often obscure a fulfilling path through life, Qohelet’s struggle to find wisdom and serenity offers guidance.  Debra Band’s slide discussion brings participants into conversation with this famous wisdom teacher through the paintings in her in-progress illuminated manuscript of Qohelet, a current collaboration with philosopher Menachem Fisch. Suitable for Bar/Bat Mitzvah ages and up.  In person or via video-conference, also available any time of year.

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