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BIRTH, CREATIVITY, AND THE JEWISH SOUL.  Have you ever felt that your and your partner’s pregnancy is the most extraordinary, most creative act of your lives? As you watch your baby (and belly) grow as you near the birth, have you sensed a new partnership with God?  Explore the profound and diverse Jewish spiritual aspects of this highest creativity in art and biblical and Kabbalistic text, in this combination slide-discussion and art workshop.  Debra—artist, mother and grandmother—presents art relating to childbirth and creativity in a 30 minute slide-discussion, followed by a 2-hour hands-on workshop in which you and your partner will have the opportunity to create an illuminated manuscript expressing your own spiritual feelings around the creation and birth of your child.

Limited to 24 participants. 2 hours. Materials cost: approximately $8 per participant (unless school already has necessary materials) Hands-on portion only in-person.

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THE ART AND HISTORY OF THE KETUBAH. Illuminated ketubot, Jewish marriage documents, have graced the homes of Jewish families across the world for most of the last two thousand years. But the document itself is sheer “legalese!” While its lines tie the relationship into the greater body of Jewish civil law and so protect the rights and obligations of both partners within the marriage, its traditional words are hardly poetry! So why do we decorate this document with fine artwork and precious gold? In  this slide-discussion especially useful for couples about to marry, Debra brings her insight born of creating hundreds of ketubot to explore the tradition of the ketubah, to discuss its social, legal, and artistic history from its beginnings in the first century C.E. to the present, across Jewish cultures around the world. Available in-person or by video-conference.

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TRAVELING THROUGH THE TUNNEL OF LOSS. In this meditative slide-discussion intended for bereavement groups, Debra Band, who lost her beloved first husband to cancer at age 52, shares Jewish spiritual attitudes toward the brevity of life, and ways of using classic Jewish texts and prayers to pursue an often-difficult spiritual conversation with God. Illuminations and texts presented will include passages from Megillat Ruth from Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah, the Mourners’ and Rabbis’ Kaddishes from  Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification, particular psalms from I Will Wake the Dawn: Illuminated Psalms and illuminations from her in-progress book of Qohelet. Available in-person or by video-conference. For young adult through senior bereavement groups. 20% discount on orders of 20+ copies of Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification and Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification available upon scheduling class, while prints and commentaries from other materials included in the talk will be available for purchase for classroom (or individual participant’s) use. When complemented by the YOUR SPIRIT IN LIGHTS! WORKSHOP (in person only), the workshop will offer an opportunity for participants to develop a visual expression of their personal experience of loss and mourning.

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FAMILIES may also be interested in CREATE YOUR JEWISH FAMILY CREST: A FAMILY WORKSHOP, while new couples may enjoy CREATE YOUR NEW FAMILY’S CREST: A NEW COUPLES’ WORKSHOP. Please click here to learn about these programs.


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