All the World Praises You!

Coming July 15, 2018!

from Honeybee in the Garden, LLC
ISBN 978-0-9857996-7-0
hardbound with gate-fold cover, opening at center
32pp, full color throughout
$19.95 (US)

I have created All the World Praises You to celebrate the birth of my first grandchild, Dalia, and have smiled through every minute of the work! Dalia’s great-grandfather, the celebrated scholar of Hebrew literature, Arnold J. Band, prepared lovely new Hebrew translations and transliterations. You will see below how Dalia and I join you on every page!

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All the World Praises You is inspired by the charming medieval Jewish work, Perek Shira (Chapter of Song), an anthology of eighty-five  verses praising God taken from across the Hebrew Bible (plus a few passages of later sacred texts)…placed into the mouths of diverse natural phenomena. In the 23 vibrant illuminated paintings within  All the World Praises You wonders of the natural world exclaim biblical praises of God, offering hours of warm delight for young children and parents,  and inspiration for all who love Hebrew and Torah, for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and for adults seeking fresh spirituality—a book to which you and your children will return throughout your lives!   Enjoy…

•    Introduction to the Hebrew alphabet (no Hebrew skills needed)

•    Introduction to basic concepts of Jewish spirituality

•    Delight in the environment that we humans share with all of Nature on our “big blue marble,” Earth

•    Discussion points geared to cozy children’s bed-time reading

•    Detailed explanations of texts and symbolism for older age groups will be available on this website.

The twenty-five paintings (and one paper-cut) presented here also introduce your child to one of the great Jewish art traditions, that of the Hebrew (and here, English) illuminated book. Since the development of the bound book, also around the tenth century, the tradition of text illumination—illustrating and decorating the beloved words with gold and color—has honored Jewish sacred books such as haggadot and prayer books by turning every thought and word into a precious and intimate work of visual art; Christianity and Islam also have similar grand traditions. Like my “grown-up” books, these original illuminated paintings are created on kosher calfskin vellum, with ink, gouache (opaque watercolor), and gold and palladium leaf.

This book will be read and enjoyed by people at many different age and education levels. As publication nears, on this webpage you will find materials geared to

Elementary School Students

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Age Students

Adults and Havurot

In each of these sections you will find specially prepared commentaries that explain the paintings’ visual symbolism, related biblical allusions and texts, and points for discussion useful at each stage. These web materials include thumbnails of the paintings, but you will need to have the book with you to see the pictures properly. Transliterations of the Hebrew are offered adjacent to each painting.

There’s more to come….have fun!


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