Diving Deeper! Enrichment Materials for All the World Praises You!

Every biblical verse and every painting in All the World Praises You! is chock-full of symbolism relating to Jewish spirituality, lore and biblical studies, as well as scientific information about our environment. The brief commentary materials in the back of the book, focused as they are on discussion questions for parents to open conversation with young children, can barely hint at the full range of ideas involved in these illuminated paintings. Thus, it’s a pleasure to offer you enrichment materials graded for (1) elementary school age readers, (2) readers reaching the age of Bat- and Bar-Mitzvah, that is around 12 and 13 years of age, and (3) students with a more advanced Jewish education, in particular, Jewish day school high school students and adults. You will find food for many kinds of thought here, spiritual and scientific…and even ideas for your own creative projects and links to “citizen-science” initiatives around the United States. You will need a copy of the book to view the paintings and enjoy the Diving Deeper materials.

Enjoy!  And let me know what you do with all of this!

Elementary School Age Enrichment Materials

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Age Enrichment Materials

High School Age/Adult Enrichment Materials


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